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Third Quarter 2021

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  • Expectations and income
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Thoughts from the IFS Team

Dear Friends,

Although we continue to see the physical and emotional impacts of the ongoing pandemic on our friends, family, and clients, we hope that this Fall season and the upcoming Holidays bring renewed joy to your home.

Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response we received about our last newsletter. Our goal is to provide a relevant, fun newsletter that can help us all grow in ways both financial and non-financial. We hope you enjoy this collection that includes a market commentary on last quarter, managing financial expectations, and a few fun activities for you and your family to check out.

We are grateful to walk alongside you on your journey,
      The IFS Team

Market Commentary

Global equity markets had a mixed third quarter, but many are trying not to focus on the mixed returns for 3Q (and dismal September returns) and are instead focusing on how the market performed for the first nine months of the year – and those numbers are solid.

  • GDP Up 6.7%
  • inflation index for used cars and trucks declined 1.5% in August
  • Since 1976 the government has been shut down 22 times, the last being between December 22, 2018, until January 25, 2019 (35 days).

Getting the Goalpost to Stop Moving

If expectations grow faster than income you’ll never be happy with your money.

Wealth is a two-part equation: what you have and what you expect/need. Managing expectations doesn’t have to mean being conservative or unambitious. It’s just realizing that an insatiable appetite for more will always push you to the point of disappointment and regret.

What's Happening

  • Hoffman Farms
    corn maze, pumpkins, food, train rides
    Wed-Sun 10am-5pm
  • Virtual Vacation
    explore the world from the comfort of your home
  • Indoor Golf at Infinity Golf
    Play Golf All Year Long in Tigard
    Grand Opening October 16th

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