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Second Quarter 2021

  • Market review
  • Timing the sale of your home
  • Gas tax history
  • What’s happening

Update from the IFS Team

Dear Friends,

Summer is in full swing, and with it has come increased traffic, record heat, outdoor gatherings, and getting to see one another’s faces again. It’s been a long year of diligent hand-washing and masking for us all; we hope that you stay safe, hydrated, and have an amazing Summer.

Market Review: Global equity markets had a choppy second quarter, but by the end of the quarter, global markets had turned in solid performance numbers on their way to new record highs. The themes that drove the markets in the second quarter were plentiful: inflation worries, sooner-than-expected rate hike concerns, better-than-expected corporate earnings, rising consumer confidence, red-hot housing, rebounding economic data, and rising oil prices all competing for attention. Investors were thrilled with the quarterly performance around the world, as 34 of the 35 developed markets tracked by MSCI were positive for the second quarter of the year.

What’s to come: Please remember that we do not have a crystal ball :), but due to the above-average gains in stocks over the last few years and relatively high current valuations, we would not be surprised to see a short-term stock market correction in the near future. Attempting to “time” the markets is never a good long-term strategy, but we will be taking advantage of the next market drop by rebalancing the portfolios to “Buy Low & Sell High” in increments over time. Again, we are not relying on our ability to predict future market swings, only taking advantage of the ups and downs along the way. 

Below we’ve included an in-depth market report, as well as a few articles that you may find interesting. There is also a list of some upcoming fun activities for you to check out.

We are grateful to walk alongside you on your journey,

The IFS Team

Worried About the Timing of Selling Your Home?

With a red-hot housing market, it can be tempting to want to sell. But when does it make sense to consider selling? Since homeownership is clearly an investment, maybe we can draw parallels to when should you sell a long-term stock holding.

The gas tax’s history shows how hard it is to fund new infrastructure

As the Biden administration and Republicans negotiate a possible infrastructure spending package, how to pay for it has been a key sticking point.

Throughout the gas tax’s controversial history, leaders have frequently called upon this revenue source when serious infrastructure investment is needed.

What's Happening

  • Downtown Tigard Night Out – 3rd Friday of Each Month
  • SMILE Summer Music – FREE Concerts in July and August.
  • Sandcastle CompetitionAward-Winning Carvers, Scavenger Hunt, Lessons, Food & More! 
    St. Helens Sand Island Sandcastle Competition
    August 13-15, 2021
  • Open-Air Rooftop Cinema at the Lloyd CenterMovie nights complete with full bars and great city views
    July 1, 2021 – September 30, 2021

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