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Fourth Quarter 2020

  • It was a challenging year.
  • 2020 market review
  • Set goals instead of resolutions
  • Wood signs workshop

Update from the IFS Team

Dear Clients,

Even though it might seem like not much has changed, it still feels good to be writing “2021” 😊. We recently met together as a staff and reflected on the challenges our world faced in 2020 (and there were many!). Despite these hardships, we also shared some lessons we’ve learned and some things we are thankful for. Being forced to stay home more has reminded us to care for those around us, and we have come to know our neighbors in more meaningful ways. We have collectively gotten more exercise than ever – and it has been sweet to see all the families and pets out walking and riding bikes together. Most of our yards and homes are looking better than ever 😊. And through it all, we continue to love the work we are privileged to do AND the people we do it for! Thank you for inviting us into your journey and entrusting us to serve as your financial advisors.

Before we completely leave 2020 in the rearview mirror, below is a detailed market report of the year. Despite all the chaos, it turned out to be the second consecutive year with very strong overall market returns. We have also included an article about Value-Aligned-Goals. And finally, there is a link to a local art studio workshop that is sure to leave you with new art skills, memories, and décor.

We wish you all the best in 2021, including fresh hope, vision, friendships, and many new trips and adventures as our world begins to reopen again!

The IFS Team

Don't Set Resolutions - Set goals that align with your values.

For most of us, resolutions won’t stick. Here’s a simple, four-step process to help you set and reach your goals in the coming year.

  1. Start by looking back at the past year
  2. Set realistic goals tied to your values
  3. Make a SMART plan
  4. Set small steps and enlist an accountability buddy

Make Your Own Wood Sign

“Fresh decorations for your home”

Live, Laugh, Love Art – small groups, social distancing, and fun!

Check out their website at the link below for upcoming workshops and classes.

9160 SW Hall Blvd
Portland, OR 97223

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