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Fourth Quarter 2023

  • Market review
  • The Good Things That Happened in 2023
  • New Year Resolutions to Consider

Update from the IFS Team

Dear Friends,

It’s that time of year when many people, including us, take time to reflect on the past year and look toward the next. We hope you find a moment to do this, and you might be surprised at how much has happened in just twelve months. Here are some thoughts from our reflection time.

First, we want to express our appreciation to all our clients and strategic partners. THANK YOU for trusting us and allowing us to continue partnering with you on life’s journey. Our firm has grown a lot in the last few years with new clients and new team members. It’s been a special season as we’ve connected with you and persevered together through the challenges of navigating pandemics, market scares, bank crises, and global conflicts.

At this time last year, we reminded you of the futility of trying to predict markets. We started 2023 cautiously optimistic that markets would have a bounce-back year, and the markets far exceeded our hopeful expectations. Although as many of you know, it was quite the bumpy year on the way to solid returns.  Over the last 12 months, our team has helped our clients navigate market turbulence, capitalize on rising interest rates, create strategies to deal with future changes in financial plans and walk through a custodian change. Our team put in a lot of hard work this year, and we’re proud of the results we delivered.

In 2024, our goal is to continue growing our firm so that we can serve more clients as amazing as you, wherever they may live across the country. We can serve clients in all 50 states, and with technological advancements and many people moving, our clients are spreading out.  For our current clients, we will continue assisting with the Schwab transition and online access, help shape and adjust your financial plan to bring you peace and confidence as you work toward your dreams, and share ways to find fulfillment and joy outside of finances.  We look forward to going through 2024 with you!

Happy New Year!

The IFS Team

Market Commentary

2023 was a great year! The stock market closed out 2023 on a high note, with the S&P 500 climbing steadily for nine consecutive weeks, marking its most impressive weekly winning streak since 2004. 

Yet 2023 was not without its challenges, as investors navigated through a landscape fraught with suspense and obstacles, including the steepest borrowing costs witnessed in over 20 years, a regional banking crisis, and geopolitical turbulence.

However, the economy’s resilience, a trend toward lower inflation, the conclusion of Federal Reserve tightening (hopefully), and the enthusiasm surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) outweighed these challenges, pushing almost all asset classes into very positive territory for the year.

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The Good Things That Happened in 2023

It’s fair to say 2023 has been a difficult year in a lot of ways.

In addition to devastating wars — including in Ukraine, the Gaza Strip and Sudan — 2023 also will be Earth’s hottest year in human history, with multiple climate records broken. In the United States in 2023, the highest number of mass killings occurred in any year since at least 2006.

Despite all this, 2023 also was a year with significant positive developments, including in scientific research and medicine and, throughout the year, moments of genuine connection and humanity shone through the bad news.

Want to make a resolution? Here are some to consider.

  • Get involved with a great cause
    With Charity Navigator, you can find and support charities that align with your passions.
  • Run/Walk More
    A boring classic, but spice it up by training for the My Muddy Valentine 5K Obstacle Mud Run.
  • Declutter the kitchen
    If you can hardly see your counters, you may pay for that chaos later when it comes time to make meals. Take a few minutes to whisk it all where it belongs, and it can help you eat more mindfully in days to come.
  • Plan an Oregon vacation
    People who vacation at least twice a year have a lower heart attack risk than those who do so rarely. And researchers have found that even thinking about an upcoming trip can boost happiness for weeks.

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