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Fourth Quarter 2022

  • Market review
  • 2022 market commentary
  • 2023 perspectives to consider
  • Last year’s market predictions
  • RMD and contribution changes
  • Valentine date ideas

Update from the IFS Team

Dear Friends,

We hope this edition of our newsletter finds you well and filled with some fresh hope as we begin 2023! 😊 

Included in this edition:
2022 market commentary – Before we look forward, this is a detailed look at the good (not much), bad, and ugly of the markets last year. The good news…the fourth quarter was a positive one in most stock and bond markets, and the first days of 2023 are also showing signs of improvement. We will be back in touch in the next month or so with a detailed update about some portfolio adjustments we are planning.

2023 perspectives to consider – As we look ahead to the challenges and possibilities in the coming year, here are some helpful tips for you. Let us know if any of them spark any questions or actions you’d like to discuss.

Last year’s market predictions – Be sure to read the market predictions for 2022 that were made in January of last year…and then keep that measure of “accuracy” in mind the next time you read the “expert” predictions regarding just about anything in the press going forward. 😊

RMD and contribution changes – We also included some of the highlights of the changes that came out of the recently enacted “Secure Act 2” legislation.

Valentine date ideas – Finally, don’t miss some of the upcoming recommendations for Valentine’s Day!

May 2023 be filled with fun surprises, deeper relationships, and continued peace and healing for our world!

The IFS Team

2023 Perspectives

Investors are in the crosscurrents of inflation spikes, rising interest rates, global economic and stability uncertainty, and talk of a looming recession. To navigate these crosscurrents, we suggest that investors focus on their goals and the time horizons for their short-term and long-term objectives as part of a financial or wealth management plan.
For 2023, we see five themes for investors to keep in mind:

  • Watch inflation
  • Manage liquidity
  • Assess emotions
  • Plan ahead for taxes
  • Check your estate plan

Market Predictions...Why Bother?

Well, it’s that time of year when many “experts” like to make predictions about the year ahead, although the results call attention to the foolishness of that exercise. As evidence, here is a January 2022 tweet from Bloomberg media personality Jonathan Ferro, who recaps how 14 leading financial firms foresaw the S&P 500 ending 2022. And boy, did they miss the mark, the S&P 500 ended the year at 3,840.

The value of having a plan and consistently following it shows up throughout life: losing weight, training for a marathon, learning a new language, and achieving a financial goal for example. 

Being consistent by investing, diversifying, and rebalancing year after year rarely leads to headline-grabbing results. But it usually leads to reliable, satisfactory, long-term results and a smoother ride for investors.

Important Changes

  • RMD Age Increased
    • Birth Year <1951 age 72
    • Birth Year 1951-1959 age 73
    • Birth Year 1960+ age 75
  • 2023 Roth IRA Contributions Increased
    • $6,500 under age 50
    • $7,500 over age 50
  • 2023 401k Contributions Increased
    • $22,500 under age 50
    • $30,000 over ag e50

Valentine Season Date Ideas

  • Archer’s Afield
    • Learn how to shoot archery as a couple.
  • Murder Mystery Dinner
    • Solve a hilarious mystery while you feast on a fantastic dinner.
  • Cooking Class – Surf and Turf
    • Beat the crowds, enjoy great food, and let someone else do the dishes.

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