Inman Financial

Fourth Quarter 2023

2023 Market Commentary
The Good Things That Happened in 2023
New Year Resolutions to Consider

Third Quarter 2023

Market review
A new phone scam to be aware of
Ideas for new skills to learn

First Quarter 2023

Market commentary
Schwab/TD Ameritrade merger
Contribution deadline
What’s happening

Fourth Quarter 2022

2022 market commentary
2023 perspectives to consider
Last year’s market predictions
RMD and contribution changes
Valentine date ideas

Third Quarter 2022

Encouragement in hard times
Market commentary
Markets in perspective
Be healthier and live longer
Pumpkin patches in Portland area

Second Quarter 2022

Market review
Meet the “unluckiest” investor
Seven habits that lead to happiness in old age
What’s happening

Market Volatility

Thoughts to encourage
Previous periods of volatility and decline
Peace, clarity, and confidence
Time-tested wisdom

First Quarter 2022

Market commentary
Why hold bonds
How to recognize phishing/spam emails
What’s happening

Important Tax Prep Info

Planned mailing dates for tax statements
Charitable distribution rules
2021 IRA contribution rules
2021 education account contribution rules
Tips for how long to store documents