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Important Tax Prep Info

Planned mailing dates for tax statements
Charitable distribution rules
2021 IRA contribution rules
2021 education account contribution rules
Tips for how long to store documents

Fourth Quarter 2021

Hopeful thoughts
Market commentary
Portland business market
IRS 2022 contribution changes
What’s happening

Beauty out of the Darkness

Mental health awareness
Out of the Darkness poem
10 ways to take care of your mental health
Importance of your attention
Some good news
What’s happening

Second Quarter 2021

Market review
Timing the sale of your home
Gas tax history
What’s happening

Happy Summer, New Look

We have a new logo and website!
IFS core values
Creating a My Social Security account
Combating FOMO in your portfolio
What’s happening

First Quarter 2021

We have a new team member!
Market review
The perils of trying to time the stock market
Thinking about college? Conversation with a (former) student affairs dean
COVID-friendly adventures

Tax and Contribution Deadlines

It’s tax season again!
Deadlines for tax filing
Deadlines for account contributions
Chart showing how the recent stimulus package is allocated

Spring Cleaning

Hope, growth, new possibilities
Market insight
Spring cleaning checklist
What documents to keep
What’s happening

Fourth Quarter 2020

It was a challenging year.
2020 market review
Set goals instead of resolutions
Wood signs workshop